The Beginners Guide To Personal Growth

Updated: Aug 1

Personal Growth is the journey of changing or growing into a better version of yourself. When we talk about Personal Growth, we think of setting goals, changing habits and other things to improve yourself. While these are great examples, they just don’t sum Personal Growth up completely. They’re more part of Personal Growth than the whole concept itself.

Personal Growth is actually a lifelong journey that we take to become the best version of yourself.

Think of it this way. You’ve been growing and changing for your whole life. By the age of 25, you’ve evolved several times, to a different version of yourself. You’ll evolve again, when you turn thirty and many more times, until the end. Science says that people change every ten years, which means you’re constantly growing into a different version of yourself. You may have changed in ways you didn’t exactly want over the years. You’ve probably picked up habits and did things that you don’t exactly enjoy anymore. You want to become a better you, and you can.

When you choose to actually work on your Personal Growth, you can change yourself into the ideal version of you, that you want to be! Not only can you break nasty habits, but you can also do as much as create and start living your ideal life! You can start living with mental illness, instead of being a victim of it.

It’s an amazing journey to take, and it’s worth all of the efforts you will put into it!

If you want to start your journey to your best self, the first step is to have a Growth Mindset!

You can read all the tips on how YOU can achieve a growth mindset, when you read my post How to Achieve a Growth Mindset, right here.

To Start Your Personal Growth Journey, you’ll have to start asking yourself some serious questions. You might not like the answers to the questions, but that’s the point. What you don’t like, you change to what you would like.

Remember to be honest with yourself. You can’t work on yourself, if you’re going to lie to yourself and say, “Everything’s fine.”

Below, you will find the link to a printable of Journal Prompts that will start you on your way to your best self!

Be the Queen you were meant to be!

Happy Growing!

I’d love to know what your ideal self is! Comment below or use the hashtag #HerRuralMajesty on Instagram!

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