Managing Depression Naturally Part Two: Self Care

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Welcome back to the Managing Depression Naturally Series.

This post is the second of a three-part series on how to overcome depression naturally. In the last post, we discussed the basis of depression, how your physical health impacts your mental health, and a few good ways to benefit your mental health through better physical health.

Today, we’re going to focus on self-care. Self-care is essential in managing any kind of mental health condition, especially depression.

It means exactly how it sounds. Self Care is the practice of taking care of yourself.

How do you start? It’s quite simple; start making choices that take care of you. Do things that make you feel good, not only for the moment but in the long run as well.

With that, let’s start Part Two of the Managing Depression Naturally Series: Self Care!

What is Self Care?

When thinking about self-care, a lot of people seem to get it confused with treating yourself, like spending money. The core of self-care is evident. It means is taking care of yourself. Your whole self: your mind, your body, and your spirit.

There are many types of self-care. Truthfully, it can mean anything from a daily routine to take care of your skin, making healthier choices, or even just taking some time for yourself every day. The point is to do things for you that make you feel good.

When self-care becomes a part of your life, you feel better, you’re thinking more clearly. It’s like being reborn into a fresh state of mind. You feel refreshed, recharged, and motivated to tackle life! This, right here, is why self-care is so important.

Here are some ways you can heal from depression naturally.

Create a Self Care Kit

When the need arises, and you feel extremely depressed and overwhelmed, it’s really nice to have an organized kit of things that make you feel better. A self-care kit can include anything from smelling salts, a soft blanket, and slippers, or your favorite movie. Make a kit for your car for times that you’re not able to curl up and watch your favorite movie.

If you’re in a mental health crisis, I urge you to seek out professional help.

Call the crisis hotline at 1-705-728-5044.

Choose What’s Right For You:

When it comes to making decisions about what to do with your spare time, energy, and other resources, it’s up to you. Of course, there are things you need to do like work and taking your family, but you always need to keep yourself in mind. As I said, you need to make yourself a priority too.

Prioritize what’s truly important to you, including self-care. If there’s something you just don’t want to do. If you don’t want to go out to a party with your friends because it will only leave you feeling sick the next morning, that’s okay. That being said, sometimes it can be healthy to make yourself go out and “do stuff”, especially socializing with friends. Just do it with moderation.

Know Your Limits:

As I said, your time and energy are valuable. Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to fit everything you need to do in one day. Pay attention to your body; what time you have the most/least energy. Schedule your daily tasks according to the energy you'll need to use to do it.

Rest When You Need To

The whole point of self-care is to leave yourself feeling rested and refreshed. If you're able to, sometimes the best self-care hour js to have a little power-nap. Be careful not to sleep too long during the day, as it will impact your current sleeping habits.

Treat Yourself:

This is my favorite kind of self-care (and it doesn't have to mean spending a lot of money). If you're able, go for a spa day to pamper yourself! You deserve it!

If you can't, that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself. Grab some of your favorite snacks (or make yourself some delicious treats) and have an At-Home Spa Day!

It feels great to pamper yourself and leaves you feeling refreshed to take on the world again. Read my post DIY face masks to get some ideas!

These are the 5 core parts of self-care. As a whole, self-care is crucial to all mental health management, but each of these core parts of self-care is important in the journey to managing your depression naturally and living a happier life.

Which one will you implement into your life first?

Stick around for the third and final part of the Managing Your Depression Naturally series!

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