#Trending: Women's Fashion Forecast 2020

Updated: May 7

It may seem odd that a Farm Girl would be knowledgable on fashion trends, but that's just one of my many quirks. I'm a walking contradiction to stereotypes.

Fashion is one of the most popular ways of self-expression. Without words, we can say how we feel or what we want to feel like through our clothes. A CEO wears a Power Suit to be Confident. A Cowgirl sports Western Wear because it suits who she is, as well as her lifestyle.

See wear I'm going with this?

What I love about fashion is that trends can be mixed into our wardrobe, without losing the message we want to send. Every woman can translate these trends in their own special way. To look like a Queen and to feel like a Queen.

For all you Fashion Queens or Queens in Training out there, I've created a list of this year's Clothing Forecast for 2020, according to Harpers Bazaar and Style Caster. You can also Shop The Trend by clicking the photos!

Army Green

At ease, ladies. Army Green goes with almost any color, but it's especially fab paired with neutrals, making it a great staple color.

Source: Harper's Bazaar

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Crochet & Knitwear

This trend is definitely not the old itchy sweater your great aunt Tess made you when you were a kid! When it's a bit chilly out, you can look as cozy as you feel in a warm knitted sweater or cardigan! Sometimes comfy looks fabulous!

Source: Marie Claire

Shop the Look:

Western Wear

This trend, which is my personal favorite killed it through '18 and '19 and proves stronger than ever, moving into the new decade! You can add Western flair to any outfit with some fringes, or a pair of good cowgirl boots!

Source: Idylwind

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Neutrals Tan, Beige, Camel, and obviously black and white, will always remain true staples to any wardrobe! They continue to be favorites of us all because of their ability to pair with any other color or to wear solid neutral from head to toe.

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What are your favorite trend predictions for this year? Did I leave your favorite out? Comment Below!

Stay tuned for more of #Trending on Her Rural Majesty Blog!

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