3 Essentials To Healthy And Radiant Skin

Do you get frustrated with your skin? Do you struggle to find the perfect products to get that “glow”?

The appearance of your skin is important. If you find yourself looking your reflection, wondering why you don’t have the radiant, glowing skin that you want, you’ll definitely want to read on!

In this post, I’m going to show you the Top 3 essentials to healthy, radiant skin! But before we get into the specifics, let’s go over why taking care of you’re skin is so important.

Let’s start with why taking care of your skin is so important in the first place:

The Importance of Skincare

Your skin’s health is vital to preventing acne and slowing down the aging process as much as possible, but the importance of taking proper care of your skin goes far beyond appearances. Yes, looking good can make you feel better but the key is to look at the big picture. By that, I mean you want to be able to age gracefully and avoid skin damage or even worse, skin cancer.

Skin cancer affects around 20 percent of people in North America. The Canadian Cancer Society has predicted that approximately 8000 Canadians will be diagnosed with Melanoma (skin cancer) this year. The most suggested way to avoid any kind of skin damage or skin issue is to properly take care of your skin. It’s not just for you, it’s for your body too!

Know Your Skin Type

Your Skin Type has everything to do with what you should be doing during your skin regime, as well as what you should be using.

There are 5 Skin Types:

1. Sensitive skin irritates easily, is prone to redness, and tends to disagree with scented products. For Sensitive skin, fragrance-free, gentle and botanical products are usually the most beneficial.

2. Dry skin typically includes rough patches (and sometimes flakes), also irritates easily, and develops lines and wrinkles in the skin. The only good thing about dry skin is that your pores aren’t as visible. Hydrating, nourishing products, and lots of protection are the best products for dry skin. To keep the skin smooth, as well as to stimulate cell growth, an exfoliator may be in order as well.

3. Oily skin is pretty evident. Usually, the pores are enlarged, and the skin appears to be shiny. The presence of oil creates problems like acne and other irritation. To combat this, use oil-free products, natural skincare, and oil-free products.

4. Combination (Oily and Dry) is obviously a combo of both oily and dry skin patches throughout the face. Breakout are common for this skin type, as well as redness.

5. Normal skin is healthy, smooth, and hydrated, but not oily. People who are blessed with this skin are also unlikely to get breakouts or any redness in the skin.

Use this infographic from Happy Skin Care to learn more about your skin type.

The climate of where you live can also be a big factor in what kinds of products you’ll need. For a drier climate, hydration is key, while in a more humid climate, shine-control may be needed.

Hydrate and Protect

Hydrating your body means so much more than just moisturizer. Of course, moisturizing is important, but it doesn’t do much when the rest of the body is dehydrated. If your body isn’t properly hydrated, it will show. Drinking lots of water will ensure that your body is hydrated, which will then reflect in your skin.

Hydration is important at any time of the year but is especially crucial during the winter months when heaters are blasting dry air. We all know the feeling of having makeup on, getting in the car, turning the heater on, and feeling everything dry up.

But, hydration isn’t enough. Your skin also needs to be protected against the elements, mainly sun, and air pollution. Sunscreen is a must, especially in the summertime. A good moisturizer with SPF can give you both the benefits of moisturization and sun protection.

For an added layer of protection, use a primer. Not only does your makeup last longer, but it also acts as a protective barrier between your skin and your makeup and locks in hydration.

Eat Right

Greasy foods, sugars, and even alcohol can cause skin issues like acne and oily skin. Believe it or not, even eating too much dairy, red meat, or other rich foods can cause a breakout. Of course, this is caused by the hormones that come from eating animal by-products. Even without growth hormones, there’s still a certain level of hormones in all animal products like chicken, beef, milk, and others.

This is one of the reasons why many people live a vegan lifestyle. It’s not necessarily anything to worry about, it’s just an overload of hormones for someone with already raging or imbalanced hormones like overactive estrogen, which causes breakouts before or during your menstrual cycle.

But, enough about that we’re supposed to be talking about food, here.

By eating more antioxidant and vitamin C rich foods like fruits and vegetables, you can improve the overall health of your skin, improving the appearance as a result. Leafy greens like spinach and kale, as well as berries like blueberries and blackberries, can boost your immune health and it shows through your skin!

Good Skincare Regime

Giving your skin the TLC that it needs is the key to healthy, glowing skin. You may not realize it, but throughout the day, we produce oil, dirt gets on our face, not to mention all the air pollutants (especially if you live in the city).

The best way to give your skin some love is by having a daily skincare routine. One for the morning, to wash off all the “sleep” and to prep your face for makeup, and then one for nighttime, to nourish and revitalize your skin while you sleep. Night cream is formulated ‘differently than day cream and often has a thicker consistency to nourish your skin, while day cream is a thinner texture to provide a thin barrier and protect the skin, while still making it feel lighter.

Dermatologists recommend having the daily essentials like:

· A cleanser to wash your face.

· A toner to clear out clogged pores

· A daytime moisturizer to hydrate the face during the day

· Sunscreen to protect your skin against sun damage, which is way more important than you think!

· A night cream to nourish, protect, and help to heal your skin while you sleep.

Of course, there’s the weekly skin treats like exfoliators, masks, and other products that help to boost the skin's immunity, and the specific skin treatments like dark spot correctors, acne spot treatments, and eye creams that are also important to those who need them.

These products are all you really need for your skincare lineup. The rest of the products that the world has to offer are simply add-ons.

Really, the secret to having healthy, radiant skin is to take care of it. And, to properly take care of it, you need to know a little bit about your skin.

You need to hydrate your body, as well as your skin, protect it from damage, and to feed your body with healthy, vitamin-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. But, the most important part of all is to have a good skincare regime. Without properly taking care of your skin, especially if you wear makeup, you’re bound to breakout.

What does your skincare routine currently look like? Tell me in the comments below! Don’t forget to like and share with your friends to spread the Self Love!

Until Next Time xoxo

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