Makeup Essentials Under $20

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Makeup is important to a lot of women, and it's hard to find brands that are a good mat for you. It's even harder to pick out which brand is best for you AND your budget.

Not everyone can go into Sephora and spend 100 dollars on makeup. For me, spending more than $20 on anything is a big deal. I'm a practical person, and if you're reading this, you are too!

For this post, I've created a list of Drug Store Makeup Essentials that Cost LESS THAN $20!

Yes, it's true Under $20! You can shop for these favorites by clicking the pictures! Your Glow Up doesn't have to suffer, and neither does your bank account!

Enjoy, loves!


Primer is a base for your skin, helps protect your pores, and helps makeup go on more smoothly, which improves the overall look of your foundation. It's a must if you want your makeup to last all day (and night)!

Here's my favorite primer.

Catrice Prime and Fine Poreless Blur Primer is one of my favorites. It mattifies the skin, essentially "blurring" out pores and other imperfections.

It goes on so smoothly, giving your skin a velvety base to apply your makeup, and it lasts all day long!


Foundation is obviously the most important piece of your makeup kit. It covers your imperfections and evens out the skin tone, making a beautiful, clean-looking face.

I've been through ALOT of foundations in my day; cream, mousse, liquid, and stick form. The best foundation I've ever tried?

Maybelline's Dream Radiant Liquid Foundation. HANDS DOWN.

This light, creamy liquid foundation is perfect for if you want coverage, but not full-blown cake-face kind of coverage.

It goes on like a most liquid foundation and lasts all day long! The best part of this foundation is that it makes the skin glow, hence the "radiant" part of the title.


Concealer is crucial for covering up dark under-eye circles and other imperfections.

Even if you don't need a full face of makeup, a few dabs of concealer can make a world of a difference!

My number one go-to for concealer is ALWAYS Essence Camouflage + Matt Concealer!

Just as the label says, it's coverage that can cover a tattoo! Think of what it can do for under your eyes?!

Not only do I love this concealer for its coverage, it never cakes and you never have to reapply it throughout the day. AND, IT'S WATERPROOF.

Take that, rain.


Finishing/Setting Powder is essential to decrease shine and set your makeup in place. Basically, it's the topcoat that gives your face a flawless finish.

My top setting powder is Revlon PhotoReady Candid

It's lightweight but full-coverage. And no caking, which is the best part. It holds all your makeup in place and always keeps you photo-ready!

Plus, it doesn't dry out your face like other powders. f


Blush is the little pop of color that we love on our cheeks. We love our rosy cheeks. That flush of color is like the cherry on top, for your face

Physician's Formula Mineral Glow Pearl Blush doesn't just look good, but it's actually good for your skin too!

Who knew cosmetics could have benefits to the skin?

The pearls of different tones in this blush make a perfect combination that will correct any imperfections and give you that flushed look you're looking for, without being too much.

That's all the basics! There are other great cosmetics for your eyes, and other makeup needs to get as well. Don't be afraid to look at your local drugstore. The brands and products may surprise you.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Beauty Essentials under $20! Comment what your favorite beauty brands are!

Until next time,

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