Makeup Trend Forecast for 2020

Updated: May 7

During 2019, we saw that skincare was the biggest beauty trend of the year. But what about makeup? We saw bold colors, the cut crease, and the stunning scarlet smokey eye! We can expect to see some of these trends push forward into 2020, with plenty more new trends to fall in love with.

Here are the Top 5 Makeup Trends for your Forecast of 2020, with a little help from Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Glamour Magazines! Plus, you'll get a chance to SHOP THE TREND with links to items for each trend!

Dewy and Glowing:

The dewy glow is a much more natural alternative to the past matte trend. It overs a more natural look, with a lot of highlighting your facial features.

Cooling off with Cooler Tones

This year, you can expect to see a lot of cooler tones like blues and purples!

Courtesy of Styles Weekly

Pops of Colour

Of course, you'd think of your eyeshadow as a pop of color, but in 2020, the trend is color eyeliners and mascaras! We're seeing beautiful neon pinks and baby blues, as opposed to boring ole black!

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

All that Glitters

Glitter is not just for arts and crafts! Oh, no! Accents of glitter spice up any look, especially the cut crease. And, who doesn't love a little body glitter?

The Stunning Scarlet Smokey Eye!

The days of black smokey eyes are over! It's time to make room for the Scarlet Smokey Eye! It makes blue and green eyes POP but is beautiful no matter what eye color you have.

Courtesy of Cosmopolitan

There are so many other trends that I know you're going to see this year. After all, these are just the Top 5! What are your favorite Makeup Trends that you've seen this year? Comment Below!

Try these trends out today! I'd love to see your looks! Use the hashtag #HerRuralMajesty !

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