Simple Step-By-Step To Monthly Planning & Organization

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I used to let life just pass me by, while I was “winging it.” I thought that by doing this, I was living a “free” life and wouldn’t have to be bound by any schedule. I didn’t want to have to go through the frustration of planning and organizing my life.

Let me tell you right now that this was a big mistake. Not only was “winging it” not working out for me, but it was making my life worse. I wasn’t free, I was lost. Without the structure of routines and organization, my life was way out of whack.

I knew I had to change things, and fast. I started by taking control of things day-to-day. I created daily goals, then I moved to weekly, and then monthly goals. By doing this, it was much less overwhelming and helped me build some structure in my life.

If you’re bad at planning and organizing like I was, you’re in the right place. This method is crafted just for you. It’s only four steps, so you won’t get overwhelmed. It’s a step by step guide to planning and organizing the month ahead.

To get your life together, READ ON!

Step One: Reflection

Take a few moments to reflect on last month.

Ask yourself some reflective questions like:

· What did you achieve?

· What didn’t get accomplished?

· What did you learn?

If you need a little more guidance on monthly reflection, read my Monthly Reflection post with Free Journal Prompts! It will help you set yourself up to plan the coming month.

Step Two: Important Dates

List out all the important dates (and times) that you have coming up in the next month. This can be appointments, meetings, events, etc. Something important, where you have to be.

Write these dates down in your calendar, put a star beside them, or highlight them, so you know they're important. If it's a location you aren't familiar with, write down the address as well.

Helpful Tip: Use a brightly colored marker to mark the dates in your calendar, so you’ll know they’re important!

Step Three: Tasks and Activities

Besides the dates you've already listed, it's time to start thinking about what you need to do next month, as well as what you want to do. Make a chart with 2 columns in your journal or on a blank piece of paper. In one of the columns, list out all the things you need to do next month.

This is not including your day to day like chores unless you're implementing something into your routine. You can refer to your reflection to see what you need to do or what you should improve on.

In the other column, write down what you'd like to do in the coming month.

What would you like to do in your spare time? What's something you've wanted to do for a long time? List out what you want to do in the next thirty days.

Step Four: Prioritize and Plan

Now that you have all your to-dos, it's time to prioritize and plan them. Start by highlighting the most important items in each column.

For each of these items, create a game plan or steps to finish the task or activity. If you need more guidance on planning and prioritizing, read my Goal Setting Post (with a free workbook) to help you plan them out!

I hope this makes your monthly planning process a little easier, making next month a little less frightening. Planning and organization don’t have to be scary. With this method it’s EASY!

Until Next Time

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