Top Ten Bullet Journal Accounts To Follow For Inspiration

Updated: Aug 6

Bullet journaling is a widely known planning and journaling trend that has been defined as the “analog system of the digital age. It was originally created by New York designer, Ryder Carroll. To put it simply; it’s a collection of pages that you use to organize your life and keep track of your tasks. Mr. Carroll also defines it as a mindfulness practice.

From college students to creative professionals, bullet journaling is a handy productivity and planning tool. What you put in your journal is your choice, as well as how you do it. You can have monthly, weekly, or daily spreads, as well as reading lists, regular chore lists, your daily routine, etc.

To give you some inspiration to get started on your Bullet Journal, here are my Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Bullet Journal Inspiration!

Boho Berry

Bohoberry is a beginner-friendly account that most people with bullet journals have heard of.

Her templates are clean, simple, and perfect if you're beginning the bullet journal journey!

Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine provides a wealth of knowledge on Bullet Journalling.

She has a knack for creating beginner-friendly, colorful, and elegant templates. Her posts and videos are so satisfying to watch!

Little Coffee Fox

Shelby at Little Coffee Fox is my personal favorite. Her designs are beautifully awe-inspiring and clearly showcase her artistic talents.

Though I'm not as creatively talented as her, I find her account so inspiring to just look at. Her designs are so whimsical and full of color!


Bree is a beauty blogger and bullet journal extraordinaire! Her designs are colorful, fun, and perfect for busy people like bloggers, moms, boss babes, and more!

When you follow her, you get inspiration for both bullet journaling AND beauty tutorials!

Plants That Blossom

Nicole at Plants That Blossom creates fun and artistic designs, perfect for doodle inspo! You can even catch a sneak peek on how to draw some things!

She also has a website that showcases her designs and templates, called Stationary Magpie.


This is a bullet journal account that features other artist's work from all over the world!

It's incredible to see all the talent there is on this earth and very inspiring to get to your own!

You can tag them or use their hashtags to get your own design featured!

Jann Plans Things

Another personal favorite, Jann's artistic, elegant creations are so satisfying to look at and inspiring to hone my own drawing talents.

Her designs are also perfect for Kitty Lovers! Two paws up!!

Shayda Campbell

Shayda's designs are beautifully created and so elegant. Her templates are simple, yet so artistic.

She has artistic courses and a Youtube Channel, which I highly recommend! Give her a follow!

Archer & Olive

Archer and Olive is an online store creating bullet journals and planners for creatives.

Their designs are fun and colorful, floral, and exceptionally inspiring.

They're pretty beginner-friendly if you dedicate the time to the details.

Bumble Bujo

Thought this account isn't active right now, the designs are gorgeous!

Clearly a showcase of creative talents, these designs are colorful, fun, and inspiring.

There are endless possibilities for your bullet journal. There are simple journals, and then there are the really creative ones, such as the journals with scrapbook accessories or artwork inside them. Your creativity is what will determine what your bullet journal will be. The core of it is to have fun with it, make it your own, and get creative. This is all about your life, after all.

Happy journalling!!

Until Next Time xoxo

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